Indiana Spring

Just some ramblings about Indiana Spring

So, here we are, several weeks into Indiana Spring, and we are STILL waiting for this so-called rebirth that happens every year about this time. We seem to be in a stop/start cycle as far as Mother Nature is concerned. Our typical 5 day weather forecast looks something like this: Monday-10 degrees, with snow around 1″ or so; Tuesday-highs around 72; Wednesday-cold, windy, with rain totals near 7+ inches; Thursday-record high today of 85 degrees; Friday-below zero wind chills, more snow, possibly ice pellets, maybe up to 3-10″…hard to predict at this moment. Yes, the grass is greening up, and the golf courses are opening occasionally to let the hard core linksters take a crack at the frozen tundra. But, where is that beautiful Spring optimism? The glorious moments when the birds are chirping, trees are blooming, and the entire universe is celebrating that winter has come to an end. Well, around this office anyway, there has been wonder, but the optimism has been waning a bit. Yes, we are working. Out doing Spring clean-ups, mulching like crazy, laid down the first round of fertilizer, even a couple of construction projects. But, those have all had weather challenges. Not that landscaping never has those challenges, heaven forbid, but this Spring has seemed to drag on just a little more than we maybe, are accustomed to. Ok, so much for the glass half empty talk. It’s coming. We all know it is. We are going to go to sleep one night, and wake up the next morning and move all the heavy clothes to the back of the closet, pitch the boots to the basement, and break out the tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. We will also turn our attention to our outside spaces. Time to give Green Vista Landscaping a call. Oh my gosh, I need my yard cleaned up. I need to get my flower beds mulched and new plants in. And I really don’t have time to mow the lawn anymore, I will let them do it. Where is that letter from the city about my irrigation system? Man, I think we need a patio upgrade, I really liked that outdoor kitchen they designed at the Flower & Patio Show. So you see, even though we may have had to wait a smidge, we are soon to rejoice in the rejuvenation that is Indiana Spring.

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