Green Vista Landscaping Roaring into Spring!

January 15th, 2020.

Been awhile, because we here at Green Vista Landscaping have continued to stay busy.

Again we find ourselves in the midst of the winter doldrums. Inconsistency in the weather, and truly gloomy days. No sun, yet many days the temperatures are almost Spring-like.

Mid-January. Meteorological winter  has 6 weeks left, and we are around 9 weeks from the actual first day of Spring. But the true outdoor planners are already at work thinking about what is coming, and how to get there.

With that said, let Green Vista Landscaping be part of that plan. We can help your outdoor space in so many ways. From basic maintenance and landscaping, to all varieties of hardscaping, simple or elaborate. Do your research, get some ideas in your head, then give us a call at 317-773-7911 to get that process started.

See you soon!

Spring things to think about now

Here it is, 30 days until Spring arrives. Hopefully full of warmth, color and new growth. But today, we are still firmly locked in Winter’s grasp. Dreary days, seemingly constant precipitation, and the whole “why am I always cold” question. More importantly, now is the best time to start the ball rolling on that outdoor project that you have been bantering around. Maybe you even picked up some ideas at one of the winter Home shows.

Give us a call now at Green Vista Landscaping, and let us set up a time to come out at talk to you about your project. Estimates are always free, our design team is top notch. We can expand on your vision to help you create the outdoor living space that you have been dreaming of. With over 38 years of landscaping experience combined, Green Vista’s professionally degreed landscape designers and sales representatives work with you to plan every detail of your project.

Whether you have a small planting design problem or a large estate master plan, our designers are committed to making your project part of your “Scenery for a Lifetime.” We pride ourselves on designing the right landscape treatment for each individual property. The choice of the correct trees and plantings for the particular soil, sun or shade location and wet or dry areas makes all the difference.

Green Vista Landscaping

Life here at Green Vista Landscaping

Well, here we are, mid-December. And we here at Green Vista Landscaping are just now winding down the season. Besides a few more fall clean-ups, a couple more small projects, and the end of the fertilizer 5 step program. Now what? This week, we will be setting up for the snow removal season by attaching all of the plows, stocking up the old salt pile, and most importantly, getting all of the necessary equipment tuned up and ready to go. Winter in Indiana, right? Will it or won’t it snow today, tomorrow or the next day? Whatever comes, you know that Green Vista Landscaping will always be at the ready.

And once we leap into the New Year? We gear up for the next go ’round. Working on estimates, cleaning and maintenance on all of the equipment, beginning to set up the Spring schedule, planning for the early year outdoor and patio shows. So you see, there really is no rest for the wicked, or at least those of us in the landscaping business. We embrace the cycle, and the extreme challenges that it brings. We also love our customers who keep asking us to come back and help them enhance their out door spaces. So, until next time…