GreenVista Landscaping offers a complete Annual Irrigation Service Program for our customers whether their system was installed by us or someone else. Each spring it’s time to start thinking about your irrigation system start-up check and backflow certification test. Many homeowners wait until the weather warms to have their systems checked, but you can have your system ready at the beginning of the season by making an early appointment.

Below is a description of the standard Annual Irrigation Service Program and the details of the service we offer. If you are interested in having us service your system please call the office or click on the Contact Us button, fill out the email, and our staff will contact you.

Annual Irrigation Service Program

  1. Spring Start-up/Backflow Prevention Test
  2. Optional Mid-Summer Check-up on System
  3. Fall Winterization

Service Details

Spring Start-up (April/May – weather permitting)

  • Turn water on to system
  • Inspect main sprinkler system shut-off valve
  • Adjust sprinkler heads where necessary
  • Adjust controller timing (if requested by customer)
  • Raise/lower sprinkler heads if necessary
  • Head will be raised if the performance of the spray is being compromised or at the request of the homeowner
  • Head will be lowered if it runs the risk of damage from a mower/vehicle, creates a possible liability or at the request of the owner

Backflow prevention device test (at same time as start-up)

  • A licensed, certified technician will inspect and test the devise to ensure it is functioning properly
  • Repairs will be made to backflow prevention devices that do not pass the test in order to allow them to pass (material and labor to make repairs will be in addition to service contract amount)
  • Copies of test results will be sent to the homeowner and water company, and one copy will be keep at Green Vista Landscaping, Inc.

Mid-Season Inspection (optional in July/August)

  • The same system and sprinkler head inspection as completed in the spring

Fall Winterization (October/November – weather permitting)

  • Turn water off to the sprinkler system
  • Connect an air compressor to the system and purge all water from the system
  • Inspect main sprinkler shut-off valve