About Us

Green Vista Landscaping

Green Vista Landscaping has served Indiana residents since 1981. We are a family-owned and operated green landscaping company that specializes in residential landscape design, commercial landscape design and installation, landscape construction, ornamental ponds and waterfalls, and impeccable landscaping maintenance. We also offer services such as landscape lighting, the installation of Christmas lights, and the installation and design of other holiday lighting.

Our lawn care services include fertilization, weed mitigation, mowing, and lawn care. We also offer both residential and commercial snow removal services.

At Green Vista Landscaping, our decades of knowledge and expertise, plus our dedication to industry-leading best practices, ensure our customers receive the highest quality residential landscape design or commercial landscape services. Because the land is our passion, we work hard to give back to our environment with green and clean landscaping services that leave the great state of Indiana better than we found it.

Browse through the photos in our gallery to see our previous Indiana landscaping ideas and imagine what Green Vista Landscaping can do for your home or commercial property. From stunning hardscape design to green landscape solutions, you can be proud of, we want to be your partner in bringing your landscape dreams to life!

Green Vista Landscaping Honored with the 2023 Small Business Award

We are thrilled to announce that Green Vista Landscaping has been recognized with the prestigious 2023 Small Business Award, bestowed by the Advancing Noblesville Chamber Foundation in collaboration with the City of Noblesville. This award celebrates our commitment to excellence and innovation in landscaping services within the Noblesville community.

Our journey began with a vision to transform outdoor spaces while fostering sustainability and beauty. Receiving this accolade is not just a reflection of our company’s dedication but also a testament to the trust and support we have garnered from our valued clients.

The award ceremony was a momentous occasion for the Green Vista team, marked by an iconic moment when our co-founders, Jeff and TJ, accepted the award. A snapshot of this proud moment features Jeff and TJ, beaming with pride as they hold the award—a symbol of our collective efforts and achievements.

Accompanying this announcement, our website proudly displays the official Small Business Award logo, a mark of distinction that underscores our commitment to providing exceptional landscaping services.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Advancing Noblesville Chamber Foundation, the City of Noblesville, and especially to our clients and the community. Your support motivates us to continue growing and innovating every day.

Join us as we continue to create more green vistas in Noblesville and beyond. Your dream landscape is just a call away!

Meet Our Team

Our team is the heart and soul of Green Vista Landscaping. The most incredible paradise ponds and waterfalls, Christmas lighting design ideas, and stunning hardscape designs come from the minds and hands of these phenomenal individuals.Get to know the team who will bring your landscaping hopes into reality!

Jeff Eiler

President/Managing Partner

Jeff is a true veteran in the landscaping industry, boasting an impressive 37 years of experience. He serves as the managing partner and co-owner of the business, alongside his trusted partner, TJ, showcasing his leadership and dedication to the field.

Family holds a special place in Jeff's heart, and he and his wife, Sandy,... have created a loving and vibrant household with three children and three beloved grandchildren. Their home is complete with the joyful presence of a dog and a cat, adding warmth to their lives. Beyond the landscaping world, Jeff's interests are as diverse as they are enriching. He finds solace and exhilaration on the open road, riding motorcycles and exploring new horizons. Travel and camping are his preferred ways to create lasting memories, all while cherishing quality time spent with family and friends. Living in the welcoming community of Noblesville, Jeff's heart's desire is to travel across the United States in his RV, a dream that aligns perfectly with his adventurous spirit. Jeff is renowned for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the landscaping field. He's a professional who always has the client's best interests in mind and is known for consistently exceeding their expectations. His commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in his work, making him a trusted figure in the industry. In every aspect of his life, Jeff Eiler embodies the values of leadership, family, adventure, and customer-centric service, setting a remarkable example for those who have the pleasure of working with him.

T.J. Houghtalen

Vice President/Managing Partner

TJ is a seasoned professional in the landscaping industry, boasting over three decades of experience. He co-owns his landscaping company with Jeff, a role he’s held since 2005, which speaks to his dedication and expertise in the field.

Sharing his life journey is his loving wife, Andrea, and their two children,... accompanied by a loyal yellow lab that adds a furry touch to their family. Home for the Houghtalen's is the welcoming community of Noblesville, where they've created a haven of love and warmth. TJ's interests extend beyond the greenery of the outdoors. He has a penchant for collecting sports cards, a hobby that reflects his passion for the world of sports. Whether it's professional, collegiate, or local sports, he finds joy in following the action. He values the company of friends and family and enjoys the thrill of travel, seeking new adventures and experiences. One remarkable fact about TJ is that he has never undergone any surgeries, a testament to his good health and well-being. His key to success in both his personal and professional life is rooted in a simple yet powerful philosophy: he listens attentively to his clients and strives to deliver more than they expect. This commitment to customer satisfaction has undoubtedly played a significant role in his thriving career. TJ's burning desire is to retire somewhere warm, and with his dedication and strong work ethic, he's well on his way to achieving this dream. In every aspect of his life, TJ Houghtalen exemplifies the importance of hard work, customer-centric values, and an unwavering commitment to his aspirations.

Sandy Eiler

Office Manager

Sandy is a dedicated Office Manager with a passion for both family and adventure. She is happily married to her husband, Jeff Eiler, and together, they have built a loving family with three children and three cherished grandchildren. Their household is not just filled with human love, but also the warmth of a dog and a cat who bring endless joy. They reside in Noblesville.

Sandy's heart thrives on two things: reading and traveling. Her love for books knows no bounds,... and her idea of a perfect day often includes a good book in hand. Yet, what truly ignites her spirit is exploring the world alongside her beloved husband, Jeff. Her most treasured destination is one where she can feel the sand between her toes, symbolizing the tranquility and serenity that she craves. While Sandy's heart lies in the sands of her favorite getaway, her burning desire is to crisscross the United States in their trusty RV. The thought of discovering new places and experiencing the diverse beauty of their own homeland excites her like nothing else. An interesting and lesser-known fact about Sandy is that her initial career aspiration was to become a hair stylist, showing that her interests and passions have always been as varied as the shades of life itself. Sandy Eiler is a remarkable individual who brings warmth, love, and a thirst for adventure to every facet of her life.

Mark Lippott

Lawn Care Technician

Mark is a veteran in the workforce, bringing over five decades of experience. With a career that spans half a century, his expertise and passion for getting things done is evident.

Married to his beloved wife, Jody, they have built a life together filled with love and shared adventures.... Their family is a source of immense joy, with two children and four adored grandkids who light up their lives. Home to the Lippott's is the serene town of Noblesville, where they've created a nurturing and vibrant environment. Mark and Jody's shared interests are a testament to their love for life. They are avid travelers who seek new horizons, enthusiastic campers who appreciate the great outdoors, music enthusiasts who find solace in melodies, and they cherish moments with their family, where laughter and joy abound. An intriguing, lesser-known fact about Mark is his deep affection for sushi, showcasing his culinary adventurousness and willingness to embrace different tastes. Mark's burning desire is simple yet profound - to live long enough to do everything he wants to do. His key to success, as he would advise, is rooted in the values of respect, gratitude, and treating others well. In his long and remarkable journey, Mark exemplifies the importance of nurturing relationships, cherishing life's experiences, and staying true to one's values.

Rick Griffith

Landscape Project Manager

Rick is a seasoned landscaper with a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, dedicating nine years to shaping and enhancing outdoor spaces. His commitment to his work is a testament to his passion for creating beautiful environments.

Outside of his profession, Rick is a loving father to two children, a role he holds close to his heart. ... He values quality time spent with his family and often seeks outdoor adventures to bond with his loved ones. Fishing trips and camping expeditions are among his favorite pastimes, where he finds solace and joy in the natural world. Hailing from the tranquil town of Cicero, Rick is no stranger to the beauty of the outdoors. He encourages a simple yet profound philosophy of living within one's means and saving money for a secure future. This sage advice reflects his practical approach to life, highlighting the importance of financial stability. Rick's ultimate aspiration is to live a fulfilling life with his children. The bond he shares with them is the driving force behind his dedication to work, save, and make the most of every moment. In his journey through life, Rick is not just a landscaper but a loving father and a wise guide, reminding us to appreciate the simple pleasures and cherish the moments with loved ones.

Matthew Miller

Landscape Project Manager

Matthew is a dedicated professional specializing in the hardscape aspect of the business. With five years of valuable experience in the industry, he brings a wealth of expertise to his work, shaping outdoor spaces with precision and skill.

At home, Matthew is a loving husband to Kara, and together, they are proud parents of four children, ... creating a bustling and affectionate family environment. Their household is also graced by the presence of five pets, reflecting their love for animals. Matthew's interests are as varied as they are enriching. He finds solace and delight in gardening, nurturing the beauty of the natural world. Yet, his heart truly belongs to spending quality time with his family, cherishing moments that create lasting memories. He's also an adventurer at heart, often hitting the open road on his beloved Harley, and has a passion for traveling and building things, reflecting his love for exploration and creation. Located in the picturesque town of Sheridan, Matthew's life is filled with diverse experiences and ambitions. His burning desire is to travel the world, a testament to his adventurous spirit and yearning for new horizons. What sets Matthew apart is his unique passion for conversation. He enjoys talking and connecting with people, fostering relationships that make him stand out as a people person. Matthew's key to success is his unwavering resilience. Whenever life kicks him down, he continues to move forward, refusing to let adversity hold him back. In every aspect of his life, Matthew embodies the spirit of perseverance and the importance of family, adventure, and conversation, making him an inspiring figure to all who know him.

Blake Eiler

Landscape Project Manager

Meet Blake Eiler, a seasoned landscaper with an impressive three years of experience in crafting outdoor beauty. Beyond his professional life, he is a loving husband to Makaylynn and a dedicated parent to their cherished kiddo, creating a close-knit family unit.

When he's not transforming outdoor spaces, Blake finds joy in his hobbies, ... which include the thrilling freedom of riding his Harley Davidson and the precision and strategy of shooting pool. These passions reflect his adventurous spirit and love for both thrill and camaraderie. Blake and his family call Strawtown their home, a place where they have built lasting memories and connections. His personal philosophy for achieving success is simple yet profound: "Positivity is Key." With this positive outlook, he approaches both work and life, making the best of every situation and inspiring those around him. Their household is complete with a cat and a dog, two furry companions that add warmth and joy to their lives. Blake embodies the balance of work, family, and personal enjoyment, reminding us that positivity and passion are the keys to a fulfilling life.

Joey Moss

Landscape Project Manager

Joey Moss is a devoted family man who finds joy in every aspect of his life. He and his wife, Cheyeanna, have built a loving home in the charming town of Elwood, where they share their days with their two children, a cat, and a loyal dog, forming a heartwarming family unit.

Joey's interests are as diverse as they are fulfilling. He's an avid angler who relishes the peace and adventure of fishing,... and a passionate gamer who enjoys the thrill of virtual worlds. Above all, he treasures the moments he spends with his family, creating lasting memories that are as precious as they are irreplaceable. In every situation, Joey Moss strives to maintain a positive outlook, believing that optimism is the key to overcoming life's challenges. He leads by example, inspiring those around him with his unwavering positivity. Joey's burning desire is to stay motivated and live his best life, an aspiration that reflects his commitment to personal growth and happiness. In his journey through life, Joey Moss demonstrates that with love, family, and a positive attitude, one can truly embrace the beauty of existence and make the most of every day.